Mosquito Bites and Compression Stockings and Concerns

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Mosquito Bites and Compression Stockings and Concerns

Postby KittyKat » Mon Jul 07, 2008 4:40 pm

Hey Everyone,

I have a big concern. I do a lot of running and walking on trails and I love to go hiking to go see the great outdoors. I also went camping recently.

I must be a nice meal for mosquitos, because they've been eating me alive! I counted today that I must have about 30 bites on the left leg and probably 20 on the right leg. Of course, where they nailed me the most was my lower leg where the lymphedema is. I've been putting neosporin and triple antibiotic ointment on the bugs and band aid bandages on a few of the particularly bad looking ones. Also I always welt up pretty bad with any and all mosquito bites no matter where on the body I'm bitten. Even with putting the neosporin and triple a ointment and trying really hard NOT to scratch the bites, I'm still noticing the bite areas are weeping with clear, golden liquid, some worse than others. Is there anything else I should do or should I stop doing something that I've tried to treat the bites.

Also I have compression stockings, I originally got 30/40 mm Juzo Hostess thigh highs, but they were WAY TOO UNCOMFORTABLE to wear and I could barely walk in them. Plus they were not sized correctly lengthwise and came just about all the way up to my hips. I had to pull them down to go to the bathroom. I called my therapist, who as usual was incredibly difficult and basically could care less about my concerns. (I will NEVER, EVER, recommend her to ANYONE.) All she said was that I could go with knee highs, but she doesn't think they would help me or they are what I need. That's her response to everything though. She said that I should just put neosporin and band aids on any bug bites I get also. She's a real character sometimes. She also thinks that I should be able to exercise and run while wearing the compression stockings that are so tight (I think way too tight!) that it's difficult to bend my knees and ankles and walk.

I went back to Lincare and returned the stockings because I couldn't take the discomfort of wearing them for more than a few hours and they measured me again to look at 30-40mm knee highs. I asked about how tight they would be and they said probably the same. I asked if I could go down to a less tight compression and see if they had any knee-highs in say 20-30 mm in my size, even though they're not specifically for lymphedema. They did, so I tried them on and they are MUCH more comfortable and tolerable. I wanted to get something as far as compression because I'm flying to Canada on July 13th and I know that I need to wear compression when I fly. So, I bought 2 pairs of the 20-30 mm and also some kind of shin adhesive, I think called "It Stick," that they recommended in case the stockings fall down. I've been able to tolerate the knee high 20-30 mm now for a couple of days wearing them from when I wake up until I go to bed pretty well. I just hate wearing shorts because they are so obvious to the eyes that they're not natural and hate going outside because it's so hot right now and these don't breathe that well.

So I guess I won't be going outside much anymore until it cools down, which won't be until probably September which sucks. So no hiking for a while and no going out for walks. God, this really SUCKS!

Please anyone with ideas or suggestions I would appreciate them. I'm sorry I complained a lot.

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Re: Mosquito Bites and Compression Stockings and Concerns

Postby patoco » Mon Jul 07, 2008 5:50 pm

Hey Sarah :)

Super welcome to our family :!: :!: :!: sound like my daughter, I swear if there is a mosquito within a hundred miles, they'll get her.

I tell her it's probably because she is so sweet and filled with honey and sugar :D ...They don't bother me 'cause I must be an old sour pus, filled with lemon juice :wink:

Sounds to me like that therapist is a royal pain...and not in the leg either.

We have a post on Bug Bites where members shared what they did.

Bug Bite Protection


I have always been able to use insect repellant with Deet, but others who have more sensitive skin have had to use something else. This page may give you some ideas.

I'm like you, I have always loved the outdoors...been all over the Rockies, Appalalachias, even the Alps and I would hate for you to give that up. It's such a wonderful exercise too. The idea of waiting and just putting neo on the bites is absurd. :o
can't image someone telling you that. I had to give it up because things turned so after I got lymphoma on top of the lymphedema. I still miss being able to do that. :(

Keep an eye on the stockings for how they help the swelling. It may actually be that you needed a lesser strength then a 30/40. If these new ones work, that should be fine. The product to keep them up is call "It Stays"

LOL..don't worry about "complaining"....we're family here and that's why we are here. Trust me, we have allllllll been totally/completely frustrated by our lymphedema at times.

Best to you :!: :!:

Pat 8)
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Re: Mosquito Bites and Compression Stockings and Concerns

Postby Clarra » Fri Nov 12, 2010 2:07 pm

I use Skin So Soft with some success. I usually don't get bitten too often, I guess they don't like me: ) I also heard that eucalyptus liniment or oil works as a bug spray and as a way to soothe muscle pains. Once you get bitten, I try washing the area often and try my hardest not to scratch the bites. -Clarra, Health Insurance Researcher and Advisor
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