At the end of therapy now

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At the end of therapy now

Postby JacquieC » Sat Aug 11, 2007 2:31 pm

Gosh, looking back now over the last several weeks they seem to have gone so quickly, but while going through it, it seemed like forever.
This upcoming Friday I will be fitted for my garments. I'll post how many inches I lost too.
I am sooooooooo blessed to have had an OUTSTANDING therapist and treatment from the start, my wish is that everyone with LE have this quality treatment and care from the start as well. It was through my LE therapist that I found an awesome LE doc and she's only 20 min away.
I am back to doing what I used to do prior to LE and I feel so free.
My husband has been absolutely a saint through it all, so patient and understanding. He works 2 jobs and makes time to come home in between and wrap me, never once has he complained, if anything we find ourselves laughing quite a lot, having a sense of humor has certainly been a key in helping get through this last year. Oh, and educating yourself about LE is a MUST...thank you Pat for this site and the abundance of info and support you offer
I am no longer ashamed or depressed about my LE, I've learned to embrace it and do what I have to do for the rest of my life.

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