bandaging only or something more for maintainance

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bandaging only or something more for maintainance

Postby kebsa » Thu Sep 06, 2007 5:53 am

i am new to all this, i have secondary lymphodema to my left leg ( i had my right leg amputated some years ago) I had a knee rellacement 6 yrs ago and they think this is the cause of the problem but in recent months it has become much more severe. things are nothelped by the fact that i have MS that affects that leg quite badly and i am wheelchiar dependant. back in may i developed really severe cellulitis that has been very diificult to get rid of, it would respond to antibiotics but would come back as soon as i was not able to keep my leg elevated for most of the day- its became very apparent that i could not spend all day with my leg up in the air! I was sent to see a therapist for massage and bandaging and have had great results, my leg is smaller than it as been for years- I was fitted for a compression garmet, a pretty heavy duty ting that seem to be the answer, that was 2 weeks ago- i work part time ( 2 days per week) and i am finding now though that with jut the sttocking , my leg seems to be gradully getting larger again and by the edn of the shift at work the stocking is feeling like it is cutting in at the ankle- My question is do you find that the stocking is enough or do youneed to carry on with the bandaging yourself- i have afeeling that i would be better off if i were badnaging over night but my therpaist is of the opinion that only an expert should do the wraps- it is not practical to keep going back to see the man every week, it would still beplaying catch up all the time adn would get too expensive very quickly. My background is nursing and i paid a lot of attention to the bandaging technique, i know the products he used and i asked heaps of questions am also doing some research about the techniques too. Do you find that you are better off if you manage your own wraps on a daily basis?? is it better than just the stockiongs, what about things like the reidsleeves an outer compression devices- He said the garment that i have is the heaviest duty, if that is the case it wouls seem that i need something else to keep this under control- they are worried that i am at really high risk for recurrent cellulitis now, that in turn creates increased risk of infectionin my knee replacement and the potential for the loss of my remaining leg ( i am diabetic too)- what are your thoughts- past experience has taught me that people with chronic helath issues became quite expert in managing there own health conditions, i do not mind going back periodically to see the therapist and fully expect that i will have to o this, but i really believe i would be better if i took a ore active rol in the dfay to day care of this condition. Do you agree, and if the therapist stays with his current attititude should i find one who is more prepared to work with me rahter han just saying leave it to the expert
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Postby suzeeq » Thu Sep 06, 2007 2:23 pm

Hi. Just wanted to respond. I have LE in my left leg as well, but none of the other health problems that you have. I have been to one actual lymphedema clinic and now go to the physical therapy dept. at the hospital where I work. They are so different in their approaches. It is hard to know what is best. So I go with what works for me and that is compression hose during the day and bandages at night. For awhile I had just been wearing the hose during the day, but the swelling became worse and my leg was uncomfortable, so I started bandaging at night last October and have done it evey night since. I can't stand to not have any compression on my leg. Showering is about the only time that I don't have something on. Other garments have been suggested to me, but I have not tried them. I usually wear the panty hose with 30-40mm pressure, but wear 40-50 when I go to work. I am a nurse and am on my feet alot, plus work a 12 hour shift, but I only work part-time, 6 nights a month. I have never had cellulitis, and I receive manual lymph drainage every 2-3 weeks. And I do self MLD whenever I feel that I need it. Most people I believe are able to be taught the actual mechanics of wrapping. but alot of them probably need help due to other medical issues or being overweight which makes it difficult to reach their legs. Hats off to anyone who has LE in their arm and are able to wrap themselves! I don't have a doctor here specializing in LE, so basically I am on my own. I know my medical background has been an advantage in that I already knew how to bandage using an Ace wrap, but I had to be taught the proper way to bandage with LE, how to do self MLD etc., just like everyone else here. I do think compression at all times is the way to go. Whether you do that with bandages or other devices is up to you. I'm sure you will get other responses about other garments, which is good so at least you can make an informed decision on what you want to try. Best of luck to you. Susan
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Postby kebsa » Fri Sep 07, 2007 2:25 am

thanks for the reply! I think i will try bandaging myself at night, the garment by itself is just not maintianing this as it should- i only work 2 days per week but i go back tiommorow but it is still swollen from the last 2 shift i worked to the point that the band at the top of the hose feels tight and that can't be good! ihave ordered some of the same bandages that the therapist used and will try that at night and see if it makes a difference
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Postby ksl4139 » Wed Sep 12, 2007 9:01 pm

Hi, I'm like susan, I have leg lymphedema on the right leg. It hasn't been a year yet for me since I was diagnosed. I use stockings during the day and wrap at night. I've been swollen again since mid April due to cellulitis and I am on my feet all day, (nurse too), got massages from my therapist and now I am doing this myself. I went to my medical supply place to get another set of stockings and asked them to measure my right leg. I had been having trouble keeping the stocking up even with the glue. The leg needed a larger stocking, I was using a med. 30-40mmHg
Jobst thigh high and since my swelling hasn't gone down I now need a large 30-40mmHg. It fits great. I think I also need to get some new bandages because I think some of the stretchiness is gone. Then maybe my leg will go down better. So now I have med's and large sizes. I'll use the med on my other leg just for looks if I want. I do feel like I am on my own most of the time. I like my therapist. I have a hard time remembering to do the MLD on myself until I am going to bed.
Good Luck. Kathy
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Postby JacquieC » Sun Sep 23, 2007 9:59 am


I have LE in both legs from my toes to just right above my knees.
I wear the compression hose during the day and at night where the Reid Sleeves, but was bandaging at night until I got the Sleeves.
If I notice that I am getting a bit of little swelling I go back to the bandages for a full 24 to 48 hour period, but that seldom happens.
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LD garments

Postby donsuzbee » Mon Sep 24, 2007 2:02 pm

Do you know of the Tribute garments made by Solaris? I have one for my arm for night time wear. I got mine thru my LD PT - she was able to get it for me with a prescription. You can look them up on the web.
God bless!
Susan B.
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