Compression garment woes

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Compression garment woes

Postby Stacy » Wed Sep 12, 2007 12:20 pm

I have never had so much trouble with a compression garment as I have had in my latest attempt. I had been without insurance for several years and had been unable to continue getting new comrpession garments. After finally being able to get insurnace coverage through my husband's new job, I started CDT again. I went with the Jobst garment and the same company as I had used before. They did have a new fitter. The first pair (panty hose) was messed up by Jobst. (They forgot the closed toes and reinforced heels) Second garment fixed those problems but would not stay up at all. The garment would slide on my thighs and end up bunched at the knees. Third try, including new measurements, fits better but still has a tendenacy to slide. I can't reduce the pressure (40-50) and its not that the garment binds in the joint areas as much as it just won't stay in place, and that causes the discomfort. In short, it's caused me to not wear the garment unless I absolutely have to, instead of everyday like I would have. I have never had this much trouble with a new garment. I expect an older garment to slide and have trouble staying up as it wears out but not a new one. Any ideas?
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compression garments

Postby suzeeq » Wed Sep 12, 2007 10:41 pm

Hi Stacy, have you ever tried the Juzo brand? I wear a one legged panty hose ( but it does go on my unaffected leg to mid thigh) 30-40 Juzo most days and 40-50 when I work. It works great, doesn't slide at all or bunch any place. I used to wear Mediven thigh high, but had to switch to panty hose when the swelling spread to my buttock. The top of the thigh high would just roll. I became irritated with Jobst because they only make panty hose in the 40-50 compression with a seam running up the back. Juzo is seamless. Bandaging works best for me. I had them on all day today, but I sure don't get much done. I'm just experimenting to see what my leg looks like after having them on for 24 hours. Will go back to my hose tomorrow. Hope this helps a little. Susan
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Postby Stacy » Thu Sep 13, 2007 2:28 pm

Hi Susan-

Thanks for the reply. I have used Juzo, several years ago. While I like the feel of the hose, they didn't seem to have the same compression as the Jobst. I've also been fitted for a Mediven garment that should hopefully come in a few weeks. In the mean time, I wear my Reid sleeves at home and only put on the Jobst garment when I have to leave the house. Since I'm surrently not working, that's not very often.

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Postby JacquieC » Sun Sep 23, 2007 10:23 am

OMG......I was just in my lymphedema therapists office practically in tears begging her to help me find a solution. I have LE in both legs from the toes up to right above the knee so my therapist suggested the Jobst Elvarex custom thigh highs..........she even had them put some extra silicone banding in to help them stay in place.
I wore them for almost a week and finally just couldn't take it anymore.
The fit from the toes to the knee are fine but I ABSOLUTELY HATE the feeling from above the knee up. First of all I loathe the feeling of the material on my thighs, drives me nuts. They also have a seam in the back, and they would bunch behind the knee no matter what I did, even with the glue.
I would rather bandage then wear them and I knew they would just sit there because I wasn't going to be wearing them.
Friday I walked into my therapists office with them flapped over from the thigh to the knee and said to Kim " I have complied with everything but I just can't wear these thigh highs" I was almost in tears.
Solution: because my LE stops just right above the knee she was able to design a knee high that will work, she just flared the knee high out a bit at the top so it won't cause any fluid to be pushed up and settle into a pocket causing me a lump.
If you are having your hose custom made they can be designed by the thrapist to fit anyway that is best for you. For the harder cases, my therapist even has a fitter from Jobst come in once a month and they address the issue and find a solution right there, and the rep takes the old ones back sends the new re- designed ones in at NO extra cost.
I only had my hose 2 weeks, and not only am I sending them back and getting the knee highs we just measured for but will also get the difference in the cost back too.
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