Odd feeling in Lymphedema Leg

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Odd feeling in Lymphedema Leg

Postby xshlynne » Thu Aug 28, 2008 12:36 am

I wonder if anyone else has experienced this. Today, I started having this pulsing feeling in my lymphedema leg. It is not constant and not really painful (more of an ache). It happens every so often. My leg is not any more swolen than usual. It just is odd.
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Re: Odd feeling in Lymphedema Leg

Postby tkincheloe » Mon Sep 08, 2008 9:17 pm

It's really hard to say exactly what the cause is. My best guess is that what you are feeling is nothing more than the pulsation of the arteries in your leg. As the pressure of the lymph fluid expands inside the leg it provides more pressure around the arteries. The nerve sensors pick up this pulsation more readily due to the increased pressure within the intestitial tissues (from the lymph fluid). Normally you would not feel the arterial pulsations but the increased fluids magnify the vibration caused by the pulsation and therefore you are more likely to feel it. The pain, or ache as you describe, may have already existed but also became more magnified by the buildup of lymph fluids. Why you feel it now and not before, I can not explain unless it is because the nerves have become more sensitized due to the edema.

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