Severe Leg/Ankle pain

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Severe Leg/Ankle pain

Postby xshlynne » Sun Dec 14, 2008 2:04 am

I have primary lymphedema and I also have high blood pressure. My leg has gotten more swollen in the last couple years and I have custom made compression stockings and a night garmet that work okay for me. In the past, I've had some leg pain in my right leg from about halfway down the calf into the top of the ankle - sort of like a burning sensation and then when I'd sit down my leg would just ache. But it wasn't constant or even common.

A couple months ago I was hospitalized because my blood pressure was through the roof. Afterward, my doctor has been trying me on different bp medicines. One of the newest is Diovan HCT. I've been on it for about 3 weeks and my leg has gotten steadily worse. My right leg is alot more swollen and my left leg has become swollen. I also have pretty constant burning pain in my right leg in the same spot whenever I'm walking and my leg aches all the time. I have a tremendous amount of pain in my ankle these days too. I spoke to a lymphedema specialist who says that pain like I'm describing is not common with lymphedema and that pain really isn't common at all. I'm not sure I think she's right about pain not being common. She also suggested that the pain in my leg might be referral pain from my back problems. I suppose that could be true. My other thought is that it might be a side effect from the diovan because I've read online that swelling can be a side effect of diovan. I guess my question here is whether anyone has experienced the type of pain I'm describing.
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Re: Severe Leg/Ankle pain

Postby Wokkel » Wed Aug 12, 2009 6:54 pm

I also get a lot of pain in my legs, i'd describe it as an ache, like 'growpain' i guess. Sometimes its stingy too. I've had A LOT of pain in the past, until my mld therapist at the time said that isnt suppose to happen with lymphedema. I got it investigated and apperently in my right leg i had a very bad main blood vessel, which they took out by surgery (which you should be really really careful with if you have lymphedema,and good after care). In my left my blood circulation isnt very good either but not bad enough to get surgery for.

The pain has been much less since then. Both my legs hurt bad but thats probably cause i overburdened my left leg cause my right one hurt so much,which made them both hurt badly before that surgery. (i have primary lymphedema in both legs). My legs still hurt most of the time, but not as bad. I've found out i have lipedema too, which ive been told is the cause of the pain,and the lymphedema isnt the cause of the pain im experiencing.I do think i get the burny pain from the lymphedema in my toes/ knees sometimes start to hurt too when my legs have a bad day,im guessing because fluid might have gone in my knees,this is a stingy pain.

I hope my story might be useful, although i dont have bloodpressure problems.

Take care

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Re: Severe Leg/Ankle pain

Postby ces672 » Wed Sep 23, 2009 12:16 am

i have primary LE, I have had problems with some pain varying from the feeling of cellulitis (burning) to straight out muscle craps. I have a large portion of fibrous tissue on my calf surrounding a puncture wound scar and always attributed my pain to that. Until I was recently able to seek professional attention (insurance finally decided I wasn't just fat), I had been self-treating with a restless leg/leg cramp medication from walgreens. I believe it is homeopathic, no pain killer in it, but it seemed to ease those stutters or weird leg feelings. Now, I receive Anodyne Light Therapy for 30 minutes before my MLD and that is about the cure for anything except maybe chicken pox. I think I would buy an anondyzed light mattress and sleep on it. I don't have any of those little pills around, but they are in a red/white package and they have two types, one for restless legs & one for night leg cramps... they have about the same stuff in them.
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Re: Severe Leg/Ankle pain

Postby patoco » Wed Sep 23, 2009 2:11 pm

Hey again

Just out of curiosity, can you see that the Anodyne Light Therapy really helps, just curious :(

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Re: Severe Leg/Ankle pain

Postby edemagirl54 » Sun Oct 21, 2012 10:47 am

I was just recently diagnoised with bilateral Lympedema in both legs, I spent over the past 10 years suffering because no one could tell me what I had, health was excellent but yet my legs would swell. it all start with my Right Leg only, in March 2012 I had knee surgury and my left leg decided to follow. so now both of them cause me alot of grief. In Aug I found a therapist that deals in MLD and CDT I attended 12 sessions (very expensive) my first day with the compression wraps were not fun at all, but I did get use to them. Final the last day we order the custom compression stockings 30 - 40 mg when I had receive these stockings I was totally disappointed, (thigh high) these stockings would fall down to my knees, so I tried the it stays and still a pain in the butt :) I would rather wear the compression wraps any day then these custom stockings atleast I can adjust the tension and thickness when needed. I can even sleep with them. The only problem I have is waking up to the tremedous pain I get in my legs, that it is difficult to walk or climb stairs or do anything. Good think I can exercise in a chair LOL. with winter approaching, I am dreading the pain i will under go because I also have arthritis in my hands and knees, so here I am suffering over and over again, if it's not the swelling and the skin stretching it's this annoying pain that I wake up to. I massage my legs with a mixture of Almond oil, 15 drops of Lavender, 10 drops of Lemon grass mix into a glass bottle and massage over your legs. it's wonderful to help with the dry skin and itching you get when you are wrap or wear your stockings. :) .... any other suggestions for the pain in my legs would be appreciated, I really dont want to take tyelnol 3's if I can find something else to help with this pain.

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Re: Severe Leg/Ankle pain

Postby Wendy » Wed May 15, 2013 8:43 am

I too suffer from severe pain in my feet. I finally requested x-rays of my feet and turns out I have a lot of bone spurs in both feet. Apparently from my inability to find shoes to fit my feet, so I was literally barefoot or just in stocking feet whenever I went out. Combined with the heaviness of legs, the bones just couldn't cope. The good news as my legs get smaller and less heavy, the problem can repair itself.

I have also found a makeshift of shoes what are working very well to accommodate the depth and swelling of my feet.
I purchased a pair of "Crocs" , the slip in type with the holes on the uppers and a single strap which can be worn either over the foot or at the back of the foot.
My husband cut the uppers in half and then we simply lace shoe laces through the holes to make a makeshift pair of lace up shoes. I use the strap at the back of my heel for an extra feeling of security and so far they have worked out quite well.
First time in 7 years I have been able to wear shoes due to the depth of my feet.
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Re: Severe Leg/Ankle pain

Postby blubrdfrend » Fri May 17, 2013 6:25 pm

I have been wearing a pair of Crocs at home. I got a pair of shoes that fit for a while at wide I split the Crocs on the top but I never thought about lacing them. I have found that my toes toes get dirty if I wear them outside without socks. The holes allow dirt to get into the shoe when gardening or working in the flower beds. They are the only shoes that I have that don't hurt. I hope that they match my outfit at the next wedding or funeral. :wink:
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