Between CDT and Compression garment

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Between CDT and Compression garment

Postby music lady » Wed Jun 30, 2010 6:56 am

This is my first post - so glad I found "you"

14 years after surviving cancer, and dealing with swelling of both ankles and legs, I found the word lymphedema. Two years after that, I finally found help.
I had a Lymphangiogram for diagnosing Hodgkins and it failed. all that dye that should have worked up to the diaphram, blocking 1% of lymph vessels as it went, never went past my knees.

I have been in compression wraps for two weeks now and my therapist is very pleased. I was measured for custom garments. But they won't be ready for 3 WEEKS!

Is there something I can do in this in between time? Being at the therapist 2 times a week for wrapping is disruptive to the work schedule (although the bandages are very impressive to people at work - I am being a walking lymphedema education billboard). I think i am getting Elvarex knee high stockings. My real problem with 3 more weeks til the garments come is that, my feet have always needed good arch support and I always did stretching exercises (which are not very well done with all the wrappings on). The soft shoes I currently wear offer no support and I am starting to experience twinges of pains in the foot as I walk. I need to keep moving/walking both for circulation and weight loss - but I am certainly not walking miles or even half miles. I'd originally been told this part would be a 2, maybe 3 week process so I didn't worry. Now I am looking at 5 weeks!

What can I do "between"

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Re: Between CDT and Compression garment

Postby patoco » Wed Jun 30, 2010 7:41 am

Hi Ya Music :)

Super welcome to our famliy here :!: :!:

While I have had lymphedema and lymphoma, my brother had Hodgkins back in 1972 and has been symptom free now since about 1974 - so hang in there and the best to you on that.

There are several things you might want to do while waiting for the compression garments. But, why in the world is it taking them so long? I can't imagine that.

You can do the compression bandaging yourself at home. At first, it seems kind of difficult, but you would quickly have it down perfectly and it actually would not take long to do.

Try and see what kind of insole you can buy that gives you the support you need. You should be able to buy them at any WalMart, large supermarket etc.

Once you find one, I would say to try walking a couple times a day. Walking is actually a good exercise and it does help the lymph flow.

You could also try self MLD. Although I'll be the first to admit, it can be difficlut with leg lymphedema.

Take a lok at our page on

Leg Lymphedema ... lymphedema

and see if there is anything there that would help. It also covers compression wrapping, exercises and some self MLD/CDT.

This page also give an illustration of leg wrapping: ... strated-1/

This page also shows self MLD of the leg - illustrated ... -patterns/

I know this doesn't seem like much, but combined it should help. The only other thing is trying your best to keep the legs elevated whenever you sit down. This can actually be done at work too. You can get a small foot stool to fit discreetly under your desk.

My best to you :!:

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