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has anyone here had fluid drained from heart sac?

PostPosted: Sun Sep 21, 2008 1:59 pm
by juliebean
hi i have congenital lymphedema. i'm 28 and until recently have never had anything drained but i did just have fluid just drained from around my right lung twice about 2 weeks apart from each other i did them both with just a local and without being sedated which is my choice. i found it not to be so much painful but very uncomfortable. my question is has anybody out there had fluid drained from the heart sac they say their going to use ultrasound and go in under the sternum with a needle and make a hole in the sac then use a catheder to drain off the fluid i want to be awake and alert i guess i'm scared to be put to sleep. but i also want to know from someone who's done it this way how much it hurts and what it feels like. i have a high pain tolerance but i would still like to know what to excpet. i'd like to hear from someone who did this with just a local and no sedation but someones done it with sedation i like to hear their story too.

thanks to all and god bless,