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Pat O'Connor [Compression Garments - Off the shelf versus Custom Made]
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 [[http://​​index.html|Solaris]] [[http://​​index.html|Solaris]]
 +=====Academy of Lymphatic Studies - Academy Store=====
 +[[http://​​|JoViPak]] Includes, the Bellisse Compressure Comfort Bra for chest wall or breast edema follwing breast or chest surgery.
 +[[http://​​bellisse.html|Bellisse - Compressure Comfort Bra]]
 =====Jobst Elvarex® custom lymphedema garments===== =====Jobst Elvarex® custom lymphedema garments=====
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 [[http://​​|Lymphedema Products]] [[http://​​|Lymphedema Products]]
-=====Academy of Lymphatic Studies - Academy Store===== 
 =====Allegro Medical===== =====Allegro Medical=====
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